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Camiguin is an island province in the Philippines located in the Bohol Sea, about 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) off the northern coast of Mindanao. It is politically part of the Northern Mindanao Region of the country and formerly a part of Misamis Oriental province.

The island of Camiguin is of volcanic origin composed of four stratovolcanoes. Each volcano (except Mount Guinsiliban) is made up of several flank domes. The only volcano in the island with historical eruptions is Hibok-Hibok, which last erupted in 1953.

Located just a few kilometers off the coast are the two islands of Camiguin. White Island can be accessed from Agoho which is about 5 km (3.1 mi) west of the town of Mambajao. Mantigue Island can be reached from Mahinog about 14 kilometres (8.7 mi) south of Mambajao.

During the volcanic birth of Mt. Vulcan that lasted from 1871 to about 1875, some areas in the town of Bonbon subsided, sinking the cemetery of the town to below sea level. The place is commemorated by a huge cross erected in 1982.

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